Mustang heaven: Enter Classic Speed (Part 2)

A closer look
by Paulo Rafael Subido | Jan 4, 2013

If you haven't seen it yet, the link to the video that we made about Classic Speed is here. In my last post we saw the old heaps lined up outside to be restored. But this time let's take a closer look at the treasures parked on the pristine shop floor.



Trust us, it looks like model cars are being assembled here.


I'm a sucker for a clean engine bay. This one is immaculate.


As you probably know, we love carburetors on this blog, too.


The interiors are just as clean as the exteriors. Check out the classic Hurst shifter. I didn't know that they still made these.


Wilwood brakes hiding behind shiny Shelby alloys.


Look at the polish on that lip.


Another crate engine that is carefully installed into the engine bay. The paint job on this one is a stand-out.


Here's another monster of an engine.


If only these white-lettered radials can be bought here.


More brand-new crate engines waiting to be fired up. You can build a complete Mustang with all of the parts in Classic Speed's storage area.


I tell you, it is just like being a kid in a candy store.


This completed drop-top will be shipped to a renowned classic car dealer in the UK.

And here's Chaps shooting some details. How did you like his video? That's it for our trip to Classic Speed. If you know of any other garages that you want us to check out, do shoot me a message. Until the next post!         

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