The return of the love wagon (Project '76 continues)

by Paulo Rafael Subido | Feb 4, 2010
<>Before anything, thank you all for reading this blog and posting comments. Looks to me like there is a resurgence of love for old cars happening, and man that is just excellent. Guys (and ladies), thanks for all of the suggestions. I will take them to heart. Funny how in the short span of time since I began acting on my fascination for old cars, I have had a bit of a journey, complete with high points and low points--just like a freakin' rollercoaster. More on that later. But here's some good news: Those who read Top Gear Philippines (the magazine) probably noticed that we have a new section called 'Old School'. It didn't take much prodding from me for our EIC Vernon to agree to making that section a reality. Count on Rust 'N' Pieces to work closely with it. A shout-out also has to go out to the friends that I made from OldSchoolPilipinas. You guys have been great help and showed plenty of support. Thanks for the invites to all of your meets. So, how's my restoration project coming along? I wish that I can say that things are peachy. Believe it or not, it has been one year since the wagon entered the shop. This is what she looked like in February 2009. the-love-wagon-1 the-love-wagon-2 Looks exciting, doesn't it? Well, that was what I thought, too.  Until I showed up at the shop one day and all of my parts (even fragile ones like headlights) were being thrown into a steel drum haphazardly, and the Enkei wheels that I lovingly polished were being rolled around and left to fall flat on the ground, being dinged in the process. I mean c'mon man! WTF!? It is hard seeing your ride in the shop like this. I suppose sometimes it is even harder for some people to understand that every part, no matter how insignificant, is valuable to you. Call me sentimental, but this car isn't just a car. I wish the owner of the shop understood that. When I saw how my parts were being treated I quickly gathered everything that I could carry and loaded them up into my other car to be stashed at my house. It was a pain, but worth the added effort (as I was to later, much later, find out) However, I remained optimistic that the wagon will turn out great. But sometimes, optimism just isn't enough. Do remember that these photos were taken a year ago. Shouldn't I be driving a usable wagon by now?
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