Not your regular SUV battle: Fortuner, Montero Sport, Everest

Towing prowess required
by Botchi Santos | Dec 9, 2009
Hi, Top Gear!

I need a diesel 4x4 vehicle with a 3.0-liter or a 3.2-liter engine. My three choices are the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, and Ford Everest. Do you have any other recommendation aside from these three vehicles based on their overall performance?

I also need your advice on which SUV can perform best on rough roads and tow a 19-foot boat while still offering the best ride.

Thank you in advance.

Rolen Comon

Hi, Rolen!

Your three choices are spot-on if you're looking at the SUV market for towing. Aside from these three, however, you can go for a Toyota LC200 Land Cruiser--if you don't mind spending more and going up-market. The D4-D V8 would be the king of the hill given your requirements.

The Montero Sport's big brother, the Mitsubishi Pajero is also another fine choice. It rides the best, handles the best dynamically even on rough roads. If you're on true off-road trails, however, this will do poorly because of its independent multilink suspension.

As for towing, my only real experience here is with the Toyota Hilux 3.0 D4-D and Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D4-D. I towed a couple of broken down cars from basement parking lots in condos and out on to the road,t hen straight to the shop.

By the end of the drive, the torque converter seemed to be overheating already so I recommend you get an aftermarket ATF cooler kit with a fun plus the best ATF you can use if you will be towing regularly.

Good luck!

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor
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