Sedan-searching: Subaru Legacy vs Toyota Camry

Something practical and comfortable for the entire family to enjoy
by Botchi Santos | Jan 14, 2010

Hi, Botchi!

I am an avid reader of Top Gear Philippines magazine. I would like to buy a new sedan for my family. I would like to ask for your advice on what vehicle to buy.

I am choosing between a Toyota Camry 3.5 and the new Subaru Legacy 2.5. I look forward to reading your review on which car would be better as far as performance, riding comfort and value for money are concerned.

I also look forward to reading more about the Subaru Legacy, which garnered the Car Of the Year award recently.

Thank you.


Hello there, Eds!

Thanks for being an avid Top Gear reader! We always enjoy hearing from our readers as we're continually striving to improve the magazine.

Down to business, I have to say the Toyota Camry is a perfectly competent car. But it's also rather anodyne, lacks character and the driving feel is par for the course. Nothing exceptional, but it does everything it's supposed to do very well. Maintenance is relatively cheap considering what you get in the Camry--and nothing ever breaks in Toyotas. The V6 engine though is quite thirsty. I averaged just over 6km a liter when I had the Camry for a week--mostly in-city driving around the Ortigas and Ayala business districts.

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The Subaru Legacy delivers a far more exhilarating and enjoyable driving experience. You feel more in tune, more like an integral part of the driving enjoyment as opposed to the experience when driving a Camry--where you feel like you are just a passenger that happens to be able to command where the sedan goes.

On practicality, I find the useable space in the Legacy is bigger than in the Camry. Getting into the rear seats of the Camry seems a bit harder, as the Legacy has that slightly wider entry in to the rears. The interior is roomy, and the Legacy--especially the station wagon which I would recommend over the sedan--has loads and loads of space out back.

The Toyota Camry is good but if I'm spending the better part of P2 million, I want the added versatility, roominess and utility--not to mention driving pleasure and enjoyment--of the Legacy. And it gets better fuel mileage, too, than the Camry. I got about 7.7km a liter from what I remember driving it in the same places and route as the Camry.

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Good luck and keep us posted on your purchase! More (horse) power!

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor


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