What's the best American SUV?

For towing a speedboat, that is
by Botchi Santos | Nov 4, 2010

Hi, Botchi!

My dad wants to buy a speedboat and we are arguing on what he’ll do with it. In the first place, we have no car to tow it with, thanks to him--he sold our LC200 last year.

Please help us choose the best car that could tow a boat.

And please greet my wife (Charmaine) and my seven-month old baby boy (Matthew Stephenn).

Lots of love,

Steve Giancarlo Cabiscuelas

Hi, Gian!

Nothing short of American sport-utility vehicles will help you with your towing needs, thanks to their ultra-low first gear, powerful and torquey V8 engines and the generally robust chassis that takes towing well. Something like a used Ford F150 or Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck will also fit the bill nicely.

Here are some candidates:

Ford Expedition - Among all the American SUVs, which I generally do not like, the Expedition is probably the easiest to live with. It’s surprisingly very maneuverable.

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Chevrolet Suburban – Want to look like a member of the American Secret Service? This is for you. It feels heavier and it’s more cumbersome to drive than the Expedition.

Ford F150 – This is dirt cheap now and it’s perfect just for towing. Get the four-door Super Crew if you can find one.

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Chevrolet Silverado – This is even less practical and less versatile than the Ford F150 pickup but it’s excellent for towing as well.

Dodge Durango – Its looks are very polarizing but it’s a highly capable SUV for towing. Pick the HEMI V8 if you plan to get this one.

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Okay, so this V8 SUV seats only five. But it looks the least harmless to the environment, thanks to its small size. It has excellent towing ability, too. In my humble opinion, it has the smallest carbon footprint among all the SUVs and pickup trucks listed here.

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Just remember that whatever you choose from this list, Green Peace will put you on its death list. Kidding.

I believe the current Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 CRDi DiD can tow a small speedboat. I have a friend who tows three jet skis with his Pajero. After the LC200 Land Cruiser, it is hard to beat this one.

Good luck, God bless, and regards and greetings to your wife Charmaine!

Best regards,

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor

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