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10 things only motorcycle riders will understand

10 things only they can relate to

Motorcycle riders in the Philippines

Motorcycle riders are probably the most hated species in the country. In gridlock, they go against the flow of traffic, split lanes, and occupy the pedestrian crosswalk. On clear roads, they speed, hog the fast lane, and swerve without warning. Upon reaching the toll plazas on expressways, they don't respect the queuing. In parking areas, they monopolize one full car slot as if they're four-wheelers, too.

But despite being despised by almost everyone, they thrive in numbers. Motorbike riders are probably the most misunderstood creatures in the motoring galaxy. Having said all these, there are some things that ordinary people don't really understand about riders.

1. We don't wash our leather jackets, specially the original ones. Because washing them would damage the expensive leather material. Cowhides, for one, are very costly.

2. We have our own set of body signals. Aside from the hand signals of left and right to indicate turning directions, riders also use their legs and feet to warn others of ruts or other road obstacles ahead. We lift our feet from the pegs and shake them while pointing downward, depending on whether the pothole is on the left or on the right.

3. We know how flying insects (particularly mosquitoes) and bird poop taste like. Many do not understand why open-face helmets are being patronized when these allow flying debris to hit riders in the face.

4. It's a big insult to sit on a motorcycle without the permission of its owner. It's equivalent to using his bed and jacking off on it while he's gone.


5. Riders accumulate more nasal mucus or develop bad odor than the average person. Imagine all the dirt and vehicle smoke that penetrate our noses while stuck in traffic.

6. It's easy to spot riders in a crowd. If you notice that the skin color of our face, arms and legs differ from that of our neck, it's an indication that we don't use balaclava or bandana as protection against the sun.

7. While riders may be too lazy to bend over to clean the floor under their bed, it's an entirely different story when we're cleaning our two-wheeler. You'll be surprised when we execute amazing body-bending techniques just to reach our motorbike's chassis and inner parts without complaining.

8. Riders just won't stay behind cars when caught up in traffic. They feel paranoid whenever there are vehicles in front of them. Riders like it when car drivers can see and watch their behinds.

9. Male riders seem to have better riding skills whenever they have a pretty lady as a back passenger. No explanation needed.

10. No matter how rude and undisciplined they are on the road, most riders have a rosary wrapped around their bike's handlebar. Perhaps to keep karma from crossing their path?


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