A girl sent us a photo of her Kia Forte Koup; we asked for evidence

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by Vernon B. Sarne | Jan 6, 2014


So, someone by the name of Grace Van Der Spoel sent us the above photo with the following message: \"Hi, Top Gear! I would like to share a picture of our Kia Forte Koup. My boyfriend and I put tons of work into it. It\'s still a work in progress, but this is how it looks now. The car was wrapped recently by Autofoil, and we couldn\'t be any happier.\"

Our first reaction was: \"Yeah, right.\"

You see, we get tons of letters and photos from a lot of people. We understand that most of them would want to see their cars either in our magazine or on our website. These messages sometimes include bogus ones, and we just have to be extra diligent in sifting through them. The above message was particularly suspicious, since it looked like the person simply wanted to promote a car-wrapping shop. (In fact, the above photo had a big-ass logo of the shop; we just removed it.)

Plus, there\'s the foreign name. This couldn\'t possibly be the sender\'s real name, we thought. We had a feeling it was just a guy using an attractive female name to get our attention. Maybe it was the owner of the car-wrap shop himself!

So we replied: \"Can you send the photo without the watermark? Also, we think it would be better if you posed beside the car.\"

It was our diplomatic way of rejecting the photo. We were pretty sure the person wouldn\'t be able to produce a photo of the car with a woman (especially one who looks like a \"Van Der Spoel\") standing beside it.

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But then the person answered: \"Oh, sure. I\'ll send you one now.\"

Below are the photos she (yes, gender now very much confirmed) sent us.





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