What not to do under the Anti-Distracted Driving Act

Don't get into an accident
by Jason Tulio | Jun 17, 2017

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It'd be an understatement to say that the Anti-Distracted Driving law has caused an uproar among motorists. First there was the confusion over what 'line of sight' actually meant, then there was the suspension just days after the law was enforced, and now the Department of Transportation has just released a new set of guidelines. Mind blown.

All this uproar is a shame, really. The crux of the law, which is actually very valid, has gotten lost amidst all the chaos. The fact remains that you shouldn't fiddle with your phone while you're driving.

What we've done in this video is highlight the practices that are considered illegal under said law. But beyond worrying about whether you'll get nabbed by a traffic enforcer, it's important to remember that you shouldn't be doing these things anyway because they're dangerous—regardless if there's a nearby enforcer or not. Your eyes and attention should be on the road at all times while driving.

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So law or no law, keep your hands on the wheel and off your phone. Safety first! 

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