Pinoy Subaru Palm Challenge veteran returns for one more shot

For love of family and country
by Jason Tulio | Oct 29, 2017

It can be a painful thing having a goal or milestone left unaccomplished. To know that something worth having was within your grasp, yet your reach fell just short of success. Maybe you've experienced it at some point in your personal or professional life. If so, then you'll know just how much the feeling can hurt and cause you to lie awake at night, wondering.

On the other hand, it can also be your motivation to keep trying. As inspiration to pursue it once again, doubling down on your efforts. It's the case with Filipino Alex Neblasca's return to Singapore this year for the Subaru Palm Challenge. This is Alex's eighth attempt at undergoing this test of will and endurance. The past seven times, he's failed at his goal of being crowned the winner. Last year, he got close, finishing third place. He returns to the Lion City once again to settle his unfinished business.

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Beyond his own personal will and character spurring him on, Alex also does the Challenge each year for his family and for his country. Click play on our video to hear the man himself explain it in his own inspiring words.

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