No empty parking lot is safe from Pinoy drift addict Alvin Dayrit

Time to burn some rubber
by Drei Laurel | Mar 13, 2017

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Ken Block, is that you? Nope, but we wouldn't blame you if Alvin Dayrit's penchant for burning rubber might have led you to believe so. We spent a day with the Pinoy drift addict to watch him play around in an empty parking lot.

Alvin's sort of a pretty big deal when it comes to going sideways inside a car. You might have already heard of or seen some of Alvin's videos on the Internet. Maybe you've seen his ride too. What you're watching in the video above is his heavily modified, ex-rally car Toyota Corolla DX which he fitted with a 1UZ V8 in the engine bay. Nuts.

Man, we've definitely got to set up another shoot with Alvin soon—hopefully, with a couple of drones or high-speed cameras. By the way, the video soundtrack is music to our ears, but if you're going to play the video on speakers, try to keep it down as to not piss off your coworkers or neighbors. 

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