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by Tracy Carpena | Nov 13, 2015

iON Speed-Pro camera for car, bike and motorcycle

At the ongoing 2015 Manila Auto Salon at SMX Convention Center, we stumbled upon this cool find: a waterproof camera that you can mount on your car, your bicycle's stem, or even your motorcycle helmet.

Thanks to its size (40mm by 40mm by 108mm), you can use the iON Speed-Pro camera to document the interesting sights you see while you're out on two wheels, or to record your motoring life for security purposes when you're driving a motor vehicle. And because it's waterproof up to 10m, you may even attach it to your car's door or hood.

This 14MP, 180-degree 1080p HD camera has a battery life of about 2.5 hours. But use it with Wi-Fi and you have only an hour to use it. A USB cable, which can be used for battery-charging and file transfer, should be included in your kit to extend the camera's operation when used as an in-car camera.

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Video and photo files are saved into a microSD or microSDHC, which isn't included when purchased, according to the official website. The distributor is selling this for P13,500, pricier than the other dashboard cameras we've encountered. But if you've been eyeing a camera that can do more than just be your driving companion, then you might want to check this out, too.

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Other iON cameras are also available, with prices ranging from P9,000 to P15,750. Features also vary. The iON Adventure, for one, even has a built-in GPS receiver. Wondering how the video footage looks like? Watch the clip below from iON's official YouTube channel.


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