Audi's cars will keep you safe in the middle of a gang war

Just remember to lock the doors
by Drei Laurel | Sep 4, 2018

Fists flying, bad guys being kicked off ledges and bodies being thrown through concrete walls—if we didn't know any better, we'd think this clip was a trailer for the third installment in Gareth Evans' The Raid film franchise. But an action flick this is not.

Instead, this fight-filled video, entitled Escape, is an Audi advertisement. It's possibly our favorite car commercial of 2018 so far, too.

It starts off with three protagonists. Just as they're about to be thrown off a building, they break free from their captors and fight their way down to street level where all hell breaks loose and things escalate into an all-out gang war.

In an attempt to lose one of his pursuers, one of the good guys sneaks inside an unlocked Audi A8, where he proceeds to forget about the ensuing melee and instead basks in the comforts of the vehicle he's sitting in. Eventually he comes to his senses (after his comrade's face is plastered on the rear window) and jumps back into the fray, but not before Audi is able to show off the A8's massage function and several other comfort and convenience features.

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It's a fun new take on a car ad and an even better satire of the entire martial arts film genre. Press play and enjoy.

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