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Ayala Corporation president Fernando Zobel de Ayala

Of course, Ayala Corporation president and chief operating officer Fernando Zobel de Ayala can buy whatever car he wants. Heck, he can get three Bugatti Veyrons in different colors this weekend if he truly fancies it. But it's not that simple. That's because, unlike our greedy politicians who think nothing of spending other people's money, Zobel de Ayala is responsible and prudent with his funds--however bottomless those funds may be.

Here's one story to prove it.

According to our source, Zobel de Ayala is currently eyeing the Volkswagen Touareg SUV for his next ride. Ayala Corporation, as you know, owns the Philippine distributor of the German car brand, Automobile Central Enterprise. The Ayala boss, in fact, personally launched the VW brand last weekend at Ayala Tower One.

There's a small problem, though (if indeed you can consider it a problem): The Touareg 3.0 TDI V6 8AT is priced at P4,290,000, and this, apparently, exceeds the budget stipulated by Zobel de Ayala's corporate car plan. The executive, says our source, is simply offering to shoulder the excess amount.

Let this story sink in for a bit. Fernando Zobel de Ayala's car plan technically can't buy him a P4.3-million SUV--and he's perfectly okay with it, choosing to cover the price difference out of his own pocket. Our politicians, meanwhile, roll around in P8-million luxury cars acquired with other people's money.

We guess it's only fitting that the anti-pork barrel rally tomorrow, October 4, will be held on Ayala Avenue.

Photo by Vernon B. Sarne

Vernon B. Sarne
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