Babes at the 2010 Bangkok International Motor Show (Part 1)

No 'ladyboys' here
Mar 29, 2010

While Bangkok girls may be getting the short end of the stick as many are quick to point out that a good number of Thai women you see might be "ladyboys," it's hard to argue that many of the models you'll see at the Bangkok International Motor Show are just downright pretty.

They may not be as eager to show their flesh as our local models but they more than make up for that by eagerly striking poses for the camera--often imitating Japanese anime poses--while also being fairly knowledgeable about the car they're standing next to.

Okay, so they might not be able to quote the zero to 100kph figures but at least they can give you some basic facts of the car, like its price and what's underneath the bonnet, something that--sadly--our local models can't compete with as many are just content to look pretty standing by a particular vehicle.

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In honor of these lovely ladies, we share with you a gallery of the models we laid our eyes--and camera lens on--at the 31st Bangkok International Motor Show.

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