Banawe Horror Story: When you entrust your ride to the wrong shop

Lesson learned
by Drei Laurel | Mar 4, 2018

There are two sides to Banawe. In the eyes of many, the place is car-guy heaven. Affordable parts and aftermarket bits around every turn, the freedom to haggle, and skilled talyers and mechanics if you know where to look are among the reasons the area gained its legendary reputation.

Unfortunately, there's also a dark side to Banawe's busy and bustling community. To the untrained eye and uninitiated, the place can also be a one-stop shop toward ruining your ride and voiding your warranty.

Guess which side the Nissan Navara in the photos below happened to visit?

What you're looking at is the result of a careless owner looking for a quick, not to mention cheap, fix. Remember: If something sounds too good to be true, it most probably is. It's a saying that applies to car shops, and just about anything else in life for that matter. Sadly, it's an adage that the owner of this pickup truck forgot when he took up a Banawe shop's offer to install a roll-out bed cover for the low, low price of just P15,000.

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The price alone should have raised an alarm already. Unfortunately, the owner bit and will have to live with the outcome. Now let's go over the results one by one, shall we?

For starters, the cover doesn't roll out. Well, at least not without someone breaking their back to get it to do so. And the lock doesn't work properly either. Chances are, operating this thing is only going to become more burdensome over time.

Then comes the sealant. Cracks are already beginning to show and, slowly but surely, chunks of it are starting to fall off (an issue which we're sure will only worsen moving forward). As you can see, the shop did a s*** job applying the adhesive, too.


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On to the rust. If the screws on top are showing sign of it, you can bet it's in other places, too. That's a bad look. Even worse when you take into account the cover is barely a couple of months old.

The cherry on top of it all? You might want to sit down for this one. Whoever did the installation 'jammed' holes into the cargo bed for the drain pipe (which doesn't look proper by any means) to pass through. He didn't drill holes, he didn't cut holes, he punched holes through it with something and didn't even bother to apply sealant. For reference, Google "pickup bed cover drain" to see what it should have looked like.

On the bright side: The shop made up for this hack job by throwing in a fancy 'Navara' logo on the cover—even if it is only stuck on with double-sided tape.


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This could all have been avoided if the owner had even bothered to watch his vehicle while the shop worked on it. Sadly he didn't, leaving the Navara at the mercy of less-than-capable hands.

Basically, this owner paid someone to jam holes into his pickup bed and make it harder to load things onto it. Hopefully, it's a lesson learned not just for him but for other inexperienced car owners thinking of heading to Banawe to score a sweet deal. We're sure there are good deals in Banawe, but do your research and ask around before entrusting your ride to a shop you know nothing about. Again, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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