Best of YouTube: Jose Mari Chan sings a soulful tune on a bus

’Tis the season
by Lije Martin | Dec 4, 2018
PHOTO: Wish 107.5

Jose Mari Chan onboard the Wish 107.5 bus

Christmas is just around the corner, and as per yearly tradition, Jose Mari Chan’s music fills the air with Christmas spirit. Oh, the never-ending but catchy line, “Whenever I see girls and boys selling lanterns on the street...” We bet you sang it just now, too. But of course, Chan is also known for other great hits—songs that we think are essential listening for any generation. Here he is performing ‘Afraid for Love to Fade’ live on the Wish 107.5 bus.

You snooze, but you don’t necessarily lose

There’s just something about a sleeper car that confuses us, but in a good way. Probably because they seem so unsuspecting as they blend in with every other car on the road. They look so innocent, like the grocery-getter at the parking lot or the daily driver of your average Tita of Manila. You don’t expect it to actually go fast—until it does.

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Some essential tips

Engineering Explained gives us a simple guide on red flags to look out for when examining a potential purchase. And no, rust is not car acne that goes away as the car ‘matures.’

Know your history

There are lots of aftermarket wheels that offer your car both performance benefits and an added aesthetic edge. Japanese car lovers drool at the sight of a ride with a nice set of rims from the Land of the Rising Sun. Work Wheels, Enkei, Watanabe, Rays—you name it. Japanese aftermarket wheels are a staple for JDM fans around the world. With that said, here’s a video of how they came to be.

It’s not that hard to build on a budget, as long as you do your homework

Modifying cars is an expensive hobby—if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be hiding those receipts from your wife. Kidding aside, building a project car on a low budget takes a lot of planning. You can’t splurge as much as you want, but at the same time, you can’t just get the cheapest parts you can find as their reliability might be questionable. So, if you’re planning to modify your car on a budget and you have no idea where to start, this video is for you.

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PHOTO: Wish 107.5
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