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Dec 24, 2010

Here's a little secret: Each month, members of the Top Gear Philippines team huddle to make plans about the magazine's upcoming issue. It's a pretty smooth discussion until we get to the part where we choose the cover feature. That's when everyone gets involved in a heated argument before we start pulling at each other's hair and kicking each other under the table. It all ends up in a violent wrestling match. Needless to say, Dinzo always wins. Alright, we're kidding.

You should know by now, our dear readers, that each car that lands on the cover is carefully chosen with your best interest in mind. When the text and photos are ready, art director Jaykee Evangelista sits and fully concentrates until he comes up with an outstanding cover design that best fits our theme. This task occasionally lands on the shoulders of assistant art director Raynand Olarte, who comes up with equally striking designs.

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And so as the end of the year nears, we ask you to join us in looking back at the fruits of our labor and love in 2010. Why not choose your favorite Top Gear Philippines cover while you're at it?



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