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Agility Customs is an aftermarket off-road fabrication house based in Utah, US. Off-roading is a big deal in that part of the world, so Agility needed to make a pretty special car to stand out from the crowd.

They decided to build the world’s first street-legal rear-steer Jeep JK…then throw it nose-first down a ridiculously steep rock. Well, it sure did catch our attention. Guess you can call that a marketing win.

The Jeep in question was a JK Wrangler, but no normal JK Wrangler. Agility chopped off the JK's face then grafted on one from the '60s Kaiser Jeep M715. Then, to fit the bits required to make the off-roader steer from the rear, they sliced out the rear bench and then made it a pick-up to allow all the axles, hydraulics and wheels do the thing the ones at the front normally do. There are one-ton axles front and rear, chunky 40-inch tires wrapped around 20-inch bead lock wheels, and double-triangulated four-link suspension with coilovers to offer massive articulation.

It's an impressive build. To really show what it was capable of, Agility Customs wanted to see if it could defy the laws of physics by sending it over the edge of a big 'ol rock called 'The Chute.' Amazingly, it managed it. And without dunking the wheels in wallpaper paste.

Press play on the video to see it for yourself. Award yourself 10 points if you can watch without squirming.

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