Santa has a new sleigh, and it’s got 800hp instead of 9 reindeer

Ho, ho, ho
by Stephen Dobie | Nov 9, 2018

Not ready to welcome Christmas? Better look away now. For the less Scrooge-like among us, this is a Dodge Challenger Hellcat sleigh, and thus further confirmation that this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Santa’s clearly trying to sharpen up his delivery routine, as this is a Hellcat with the Redeye upgrade, meaning it’s a whisker short of 800hp. We’re pretty sure 800 horses will prove quicker on a worldwide delivery run than nine reindeer.

Louder, too, especially given that Dodge has chosen to fit some quite aggressive side exit pipes ahead of the open cockpit. Perhaps that’s to keep some heat away from all the chocolate coins inevitably mounted on the sleigh’s rear deck. Beyond those, there are runners instead of wheels, a shrunken aero screen, and seating for four. Presumably, Mrs. Claus and a couple of helpers are coming along for the journey.

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There are just two concerns, really. One, how the heck anyone is going to stay asleep with a drag-strip-ready V8 rumbling away on their roof. And two, all those sherries left on everyone’s fireplace will quickly render Santa too sloshed to drive. Beyond that, though, we couldn’t be happier to learn our presents are being delivered by muscle car...

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