Watch what happens when a drone and a drift car collide

And it was all going so well
by Rowan Horncastle | Jun 9, 2019

We’ve shown you drifting’s latest toy—FPV drones—before. In the right hands, these diddy quadcopters bring you closer to the skiddy action. Like, scarily close. To achieve this, the pilots must have the reactions and hand-eye coordination of a fighter pilot, along with sturdy stomachs. With a couple of twiddles of their fingers, they can zip around the cars on their runs, navigate through the smoke, and basically put the camera in the driver’s lap while they’re competing on track. It’s like going mental in ‘Photography Mode’ on Forza but in real life… while cars are fully lit and in the heat of battle.

But, as you can see above, sometimes it doesn’t go to plan.

At a recent round of the Polish drift championship, one plucky pilot was following Bartoz Stolarski of the Energo Drift Team when things got a bit, erm, crashy. Ladies and gents, this is what happens when a Nissan S14 drift car gets headbutted by a tiny unmanned flying device. Either way, the footage is excellent. Check it out for yourself above.

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