Top Gear PH's EDSA race: Car vs. motorcycle vs. MRT

Which one is the fastest?
by Jason Tulio | Oct 20, 2017

If you've ever watched the Top Gear UK TV show, then you'll know that our brand loves a challenge. No matter what mode of transport, Top Gear's charismatic hosts are always game to give it a try. Not ones to be left behind, we decided to do our own challenge, one that's very near and dear to our Filipino hearts. We sought to answer the question, which mode of transport is quickest along EDSA

We were divided into three teams: one to drive a car, one to ride a motorcyle, and the other to take the MRT. We started just outside the Mall of Asia in Pasay City and made our way from one end of EDSA to the other, finishing at Trinoma in Quezon City. No shortcuts or alternate routes were allowed. 

Beyond just putting ourselves through the rigors of rush hour, we took the challenge to see which mode of transport is indeed the most efficient along Metro Manila's main thoroughfare. Our country's tendency for chaos means that answer probably changes by the day, but we were willing to be guinea pigs to give commuters out there a sufficient answer. 

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Want to know the final verdict? Watch and find out. 

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