This just might be the most dramatic car ad we've ever seen

Starring a familiar voice
by Jason Tulio | Oct 16, 2018

Nothing gets you psyched for something quite like a well-executed movie trailer, right? Done right, a dramatic movie trailer spliced together with an epic voiceover and kickass scenes can get you excited, even if the film itself turns out to be a dud.

Back in the day, trailers backed by a deep voice were all the rage. Most of the ones we remember fondly were voiced by the late Don LaFontaine, who made the introduction In a world...” a part of pop culture.

These days, there are a few voice actors who carry on LaFontaines legacy. One of them is Jon Bailey, otherwise known as the Epic Voice Guy. Hes starred in a few films and voiced many trailers, but hes perhaps best known as the guy behind the YouTube channel Honest Trailers.

His latest project sees him venturing into the world of cars—specifically, through the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross ad. In this creative ad, Bailey rides along with some potential customers who are in for an epic surprise.

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Check out the video above to see (and hear) it for yourself. Trust us, a 100,000-mile limited warranty has never sounded so dramatic. 

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