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The Mitsubishi Evo established itself as a motoring hall of famer a long time ago. But Mitsubishi is yet to give us an adequate replacement, so a small pocket of tuners are still busy doing crazy things with old ones to make them go faster and faster until they eventually go pop and fall into the realms of extinction. 

Extreme tuners like the Greek-based and suitably named Extreme Tuners, who’ve spent the last few years turning a humble Evo IX into the world’s fastest Mitsubishi Evo.  

It’s a bit of an animal with a de-stroked 1.8-liter four-pot complete with a boulder-sized turbo (91mm) bulging out of the bonnet like a high-horsepower malignant growth. The result is a car with over 2,000hp and that can rev off the clock to 13,000rpm. 

Even with the safety of the four-wheel-drive and super sticky drag tires, the deranged Evo still bucks and squirms down the strip when running only 1,700hp. However, the result is a quarter mile time of just 7.902 seconds at 298kph. A time fast enough to get it in the record books. Check it out for yourself above.

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