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For the selfish bastard: The coolest single-seater cars for the egoist


To celebrate the launch of the Lamborghini Egoista, a car built specifically for the selfish, we check out several other single-seaters that appeal to those who simply don\'t want to share.


Carver One

This is technically not a car--it\'s more of a motorcycle. Or is it? Whatever it is, the Carver One gets you there in style. It\'s somewhat expensive for something with a mere 68hp, but it does what it says on the package. The Carver One leans into turns pretty neatly. People go \"ooh\" and \"aah\" and sometimes \"what the F\" as it glides by like a demented mechanical ice skater. Perfect for showing up the hoi polloi in their boring, upright cars. Just watch out for haters trying to tip you over at stoplights.



Geely GE Limousine

Taking liberal \"inspiration\" from the Rolls-Royce Phantom, this limousine is actually a three-seater, but the two people up front don\'t matter. In fact, there\'s a glass screen separating the esteemed Party member in the back from the common proles up front. This massive 5.18m-long car is built around a leather-clad rear throne, which sits underneath a roof of stars. But while you have a wine cabinet and cigar storage right at your fingertips, you don\'t have a servitor to light your cigar or pop your cork for you. That would be too bourgeois. What isn\'t is the price, which starts at well under P2 million.




Lazareth Wazuma

This quad bike\'s name roughly translates to \"Loony Wanker.\" Okay, maybe we made that up, but it sounds right. What could be more selfish than taking a perfectly serviceable Ferrari Dino, throwing away the seats, the cargo space and all the collectible classic-car bits, and stuffing the motor into a quad bike? And could such a heavy (500kg) monstrosity of an ATV actually be drivable? For over P11 million, you could find out for yourself. Or you could do the sensible thing and buy an actual, well, Ferrari. But then you\'ll miss out on the sensation of mounting that screaming, red-hot V8 and wrestling it down the road. If that doesn\'t sound dangerous enough, Lazareth also has one with a BMW V12 and twice the power--to kill you twice as quickly.


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BAC Mono

KTM X-Bows are fantastically stylish track-day toys, but that extra seat is just so much dead weight. For those who hate sharing, there\'s the BAC Mono. For P5 million (before taxes), you get a stylish trackster that will kick the X-Bow\'s arse eight ways to Tuesday. Boasting a 280hp Cosworth 2.3, a sequential gearbox, a fully adjustable suspension, and a 0-100kph time of under three seconds, it looks and sounds like a technophile\'s wet dream. BAC claims the styling was influenced by Bjork\'s \"All Is Full Of Love\" music video. So it\'s apparently designed to look like two sexbots making out. And you sit between them. Lovely.



Tramontana R

This is perhaps the ultimate car for the ultimate Selfish Bastard (SB). Motivated by a 720hp 5.5-liter Mercedes V12, this Spanish supercar is meant to be a formula car for the street. Yes, you can get it with a second seat, but if you do, at least you won\'t have to look at your passenger. It looks like it\'d cost a fortune, but with half the bodywork of a regular hypercar, it starts at a lowly P20 million before import taxes. Yet despite the minimalist design and extensive use of carbon fiber, this gigantic phallus on wheels weighs a hefty 1,364kg. That\'s twice as heavy as an actual formula car. But it\'s still a whole lot lighter than your typical Lamborghini, which means it goes like stink.




Mazda Miata Mono-Posto Concept

A 190hp, turbocharged Miata with one seat and gonzo bodywork sounds fab, but there\'s no way SBs would drive a \"girl\'s car.\" And since Mazda never put it into production, they\'ll never get a chance to turn their noses up at it.



Palatov DP1

Imagine a screaming, four-wheel-drive, V8-powered supercar. Now imagine it\'s the size of a go-kart, with that Hayabusa-based V8 sitting underneath your right elbow. That\'s the Palatov DP1. A sample won the Unlimited Class at Pike\'s Peak last year, and Dan Palatov is currently building various iterations of this ultimate track toy for customers. Ultimately, it\'s a bit too hardcore for your typical SB.



Formula Ford Ecoboost (road-legal)

Ford cheekily sticks headlights and taillights on its spec-series race car, and suddenly it\'s road-legal. But though it seats just one, what could be less selfish than a minimalist racer powered by an eco-friendly turbocharged 1.0-liter motor? A bicycle?




Peel P50

Yes, it has one seat, but you\'d have to be a sadomasochist to drive one. Just like Jeremy Clarkson.


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