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Pickups may be utilitarian in nature and may primarily be used in agricultural areas. Ford, however, gives the all-new Ranger an edge over competition by providing features that are undoubtedly helpful during a time when mobile communication is very important.

The all-new Ford Ranger is equipped with a Bluetooth voice-control system that's good for more than just dialing the phone numbers stored in your mobile phone's contacts list.

As demonstrated by Craig Sprenger, Ford's Ranger launch leader in electrical engineering, his hands remain firmly on the steering wheel to activate the Direct Commands system before he uses various voice-activated instructions for the system to do his biddings--from turning on the air conditioner and setting it to his desired temperature, to turning on the radio and asking it to tune in to a specific band and radio station, to accessing his iPod playlist and selecting a song, to answering a phone call.

Check the video below and find out for yourself just how easy it is to control the all-new Ford Ranger's entertainment system.

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