This guy made a cardboard Formula 1 car in 500 hours

A+ for effort, dude
by Jason Tulio | Dec 30, 2018

We know the question that popped into your mind when you read the title: Why? Why on earth would someone spend 500 hours of their time creating a race car out of cardboard? Why spend so much time on something that won’t run or even survive a leak from the ceiling? We can’t give you an exact answer. We’re pretty perplexed ourselves. But we have to admire the guy’s efforts, at least.

YouTuber The Q made this scale model of a Formula 1 car entirely out of cardboard. The process took him 500 hours—the equivalent of nearly 21 full days. His full-size model is pretty detailed and ‘compliant’ with current F1 standards, so yes, the controversial halo safety device is included. All in all, the project used up nearly 50sqm of cardboard and more than 100 glue-gun sticks. Kudos for the perseverance, dude.

If you look through The Q’s channel, you’d see that he seems to be on a cardboard streak as of late. He’s also made replicas of rifles, a Lil Pump costume, and even a Spider-Man mask with moving eyes. Um, okay then. 

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