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Formula 1 roundup: Rubber factory

The Pirelli tire debate gets even more controversial


This week in quotes

* \"We\'ve decided to introduce a further evolution [of the tires] as it became clear at the Spanish GP that the number of pit stops was too high,\" said Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery a few days after the last race. Most teams had opted for a four-stop strategy due to high rates of tire degradation, which led to a total of 79 pit stops over the 1hr-39min-16sec race.

* Red Bull Racing backed the changes, as expected. \"We have won two of the races and are in a good position in the championship, but it is too much about tires at the moment and not about racing,\" team principal Christian Horner observed. He added that the changes were \"ultimately in Pirelli\'s interests\" to make, \"to do something for their own image.\"

* Through its Horse Whisperer column, Ferrari hit back at those saying that the tire revision is necessary because too many stops could confuse viewers: \"It\'s a shame that these worthy souls kept quiet two years ago when, at the very same Catalunya Circuit and on the Istanbul track, five of the six drivers who got to those two podiums made exactly the same number of pit stops as Alonso and Massa did...in the Spanish GP.\"

* Lotus team principal Eric Boullier also expressed frustration over the matter: \"It\'s frustrating when you\'ve developed a car from a set of tire specifications, which are available to everyone--tires that are the same for everyone--to then be told that they are being changed mid-season.\"


This week in numbers

* 2 to 3: The number of pit stops Pirelli is aiming to reinstate for the rest of the year.


This week in tweets

* After resting yesterday, back to the normal days. 45 min gym and 45 running. Football game this afternoon. Good morning!!!!
- Fernando Alonso (@alo_oficial) focuses on training, passing up the chance to come up with samurai quotes alluding to the tire fiasco. For now, at least.

* Imagine Dragons, Kings, Chillies and Duke. RT @Lee_Siddall: @JensonButton what music you listening to on the run, Jenson?
- Jenson Button (@JensonButton) listens to a pretty interesting mix of songs...

* Cod and veg! RT @F1bore: @JensonButton what is your preferred choice of edible substance for the present time?
- ...but prefers simple, healthy fare for lunch and dinner.

* Just played 9 holes. Par 3 hit it in the water & look who was next to the ball, a Damn alligator!! Lol
- At the moment, Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) can\'t seem to catch a break, whether on the track or on the green.


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Top photo from Infiniti Red Bull Racing
Alligator photo from Lewis Hamilton\'s Twitter feed

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