This 'GT Sport' and PlayStation bundle comes with a real Mazda MX-5

Now this is a promotion
by Drei Laurel | Oct 18, 2017

After months of unrelenting hype, GT Sport has dropped. You can finally buy yourself a copy of the game for more or less P2,600. If you're looking for a more exclusive experience of the title, you can grab the game's Limited or Collector's edition for between P3,000 and P6,000.

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But if you're really, really looking to stand out from your fellow gamers, we suggest you look into this ridiculous GT Sport and PlayStation 4 Pro bundle. It not only comes with a virtual reality system, a racing wheel with pedals, a PS Plus subscription and a 65-inch 4K television, but a limited edition Mazda MX-5 as well. Yes, this package comes with a real, functioning sports car.

Some sources have called it the world's most expensive PlayStation 4 bundle, though it's probably incorrect considering how far some developers go when it comes to a title's promotions (the zombie/parkour title Dying Light was available in a $386,000 [P19.8 million] special edition which came with an undead apocalypse-themed house). Some forums and game sites placed this package's price tag at around $46,600 (P2.3 million).

If those prices are correct, the bundle will cost more than a Philippine-spec MX-5 RF (P2.2 million). You can check out more of this ridiculously exclusive bundle in Mazda Taiwan's Facebook post below. Have you bought yourself a copy of the game already?

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PHOTO: Mazda Taiwan
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