How would you like Optimus Prime to pick you up and give you a ride?

Uber to treat customers in the US
Jun 18, 2014 Philippine Car News - Uber fields Optimus Prime in the US

Transportation network company Uber is doing something interesting to promote the latest Transformers movie in the US: It is sending out Optimus Prime to pick up its customers.

Okay, technically it's a Western Star truck dressed up to look exactly like Optimus Prime in his truck mode--as seen in Transformers: Age of Extinction, the latest installment in the robot movie franchise. On June 19 in Phoenix, Arizona, and June 21 in Los Angeles, California, residents of both cities can choose to ride Uber's regular offerings--a black car or an SUV--or they can pick the Autobots option. If they're lucky, Optimus Prime will pick them up and drive them around "for a 15-minute experience." We don't need to tell you about the selfie opportunities a ride with Optimus Prime will present to the lucky riders.

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If only the local Uber company can do something similar here.

Photos from the Transformers Facebook page

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