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Oct 8, 2013


What\'s not to like about Richard Hammond, right? He\'s good-looking, he\'s adventurous, and most of all, he\'s one-third of the famous Top Gear trio. Here\'s another reason to like--\"adore\" might be the more accurate word--him: He recently helped make a sick girl\'s dream come true.

The girl you see in the photo above is Emilia, who is eight years old and is afflicted with \"a rare lung condition,\" according to Rays of Sunshine, a UK-based charity organization that \"exists to grant the wishes of children who are living with serious or life-threatening illnesses between the ages of 3 and 18 and who live in the United Kingdom.\"

Emilia\'s wish was not so simple: \"To ride at speed in a pink Lamborghini driven by Top Gear\'s Richard Hammond.\" Not only was finding an unusually painted supercar challenging, getting hold of a famous celebrity to drive it for the girl was also a little difficult.

But Rays of Sunshine made it happen.

First, the organization asked H.R. Owen, a car dealership network specializing in high-end automobiles, for a Lamborghini. The dealership lent an Aventador Roadster, which it allowed to be \"temporarily sprayed pink by specialist luxury car customizer Yiannimize.\"

Finally, Hammond gladly agreed to take part in granting Emilia\'s wish, arriving at the Shobdon Aerodrome in Herefordshiere near Emilia\'s home to get the car and fetch the girl.

Here\'s the rest of the story, as told by Rays of Sunshine:

\"Emilia was allowed out of the hospital for just a few hours to fulfill her wish. She was taken by ambulance from Birmingham Children\'s Hospital to her home in Leominster. Richard Hammond flew into the local airfield by helicopter to collect the bright-pink car and drive it to Emilia\'s house. After a surprise knock at the door, Emilia rode with Richard to the airfield, where friends and family were waiting to witness Emilia experience the rush of driving at high speed down the runway.\"

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We don\'t know about you, but this story just made our entire week--and it\'s only Tuesday. Watch the video at the bottom after the photos to see the story unfold.







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