Doing the "In My Feelings" challenge with cars isn't such a good idea

by Drei Laurel | Jul 17, 2018

Ten years ago, if you had asked if we'd reach a point where drivers would be stepping out of moving cars to dance for social media, we would've… you know what? Forget it. Back then people were already planking on the edge of cliffs for likes, so are we really surprised?

The answer is no, not really. Thing is, the #inmyfeelingschallenge—specifically the bits involving moving cars—is a whole different level of reckless. We've seen people doing it in empty parking lots and public highways, but in truth, it's not a very bright idea regardless of where you're driving/dancing.

Simply put, getting up from the driver's seat and leaving a 1,000kg sedan to roll forward beside you while you bust a move isn't such a bright idea. In fact it isn't just your car that's left to the mercy of gravity, you are, too. Need proof? Watch below:

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That's going to leave a mark. So please guys, leave your cars and public roads out of this latest social media fad. Peace.

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PHOTO: felizanavidavid
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