Check out Aston Martin’s workshop for the next James Bond film

The carmaker’s new supercar lines up with the classics
by Vijay Pattni | Jul 27, 2019
PHOTO: James Bond on Twitter

Aston Martin Vantage. DB5. And the new Valhalla. Look at these Astons, just hanging out, chewing the fat, discussing the problems of the world, seeing which one bears the most scars. Usual stuff. Either that or the old timers are about to bully the new kid on the block...

The official social media account of the James Bond movies has shared this rather delightful behind-the-scenes image of Aston Martin’s workshop for the next film—known thus far as ‘Bond 25.’’s the 25th Bond film.

We know the Valhalla will be making a star appearance, and the Bond 25 team has previously confirmed that yep, the classic DB5 and Vantage will be back for all things shaken and stirred in the new picture. Though from the look of this workshop, it’s fair to say these won’t all be original, non-modified DB5s.

A sparkly new mid-engined Aston supercar lining up against an old V8 bruiser and the classic ’60s icon can only ever mean good things. We wait...

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PHOTO: James Bond on Twitter
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