Ken Block's 'Climbkhana' Pikes Peak run is too close for comfort

We're shookt
by Ollie Kew | Sep 26, 2017

When we first heard about the 1,400hp, methanol-swigging Hoonicorn V2, we were frightened. When we saw early shots of it vaporizing tires on the infamous Pikes Peak Hill Climb, we were alarmed. And now, full petrified terror arrives in the form of Ken Block's latest assault on Toyo rubber, road sense and life expectancy. Welcome to Climbkhana.

It's the Block hooning we've come to known and love--the donuts, the drifts, the handbrake turns--with the added jeopardy of sheer cliff faces and dusty tarmac thrown in. And a Mustang with tons of boost pressure, apparently. The 20km, 156-turn course is practically America's Nurburgring, only more sadistic and with (literally) higher stakes should a hapless driver misjudge their entry speed. Not that any of this seems to have registered with our Ken. The nutter.

Without further ado, we give you Climbkhana. Extra points if you spot the classic reference to Ari Vatanen’s legendary 'Climb Dance' Pikes Peak run in 1988. Don't worry if you miss it watching from behind your hands first time round…

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