The Mahindra Scorpio Elite will help you survive the rainy season

It's built for the rough stuff
by Jason Tulio | Oct 2, 2017


It's easy to forget that cars are tools designed to serve a purpose. As enthusiasts, we often lose sight of that due to the allure of horsepower, lap times, in-car technology, and all those wonderful spec-sheet add-ons that we love to argue about with other gearheads. But at their core, cars were built to transport people and cargo. And when it comes to that, it's different strokes for different folks—or functions, as it were. You wouldn't take a subcompact sedan off-roading, after all.

A good example of this credo is the Mahindra Scorpio Elite. Save for a few modern conveniences like power windows and A/C, this bare-bones Indian SUV is very much a tool for getting around. With its big bulky tires and bolted-on snorkel, it's built to go around and through places that most cars wouldn't dare, like rugged terrain and knee-deep flood waters.

So don't expect amenities like a plush ride or Bluetooth connectivity here. Then again, when you're focused on wading through floodwaters during a typhoon, will you really be thinking about choosing which Spotify playlist to listen to?

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If you want to learn more about the no-nonsense utility vehicle that is the Scorpio, press play on our video. 

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