It turns out Miss Universe 2017 enjoys spending time at the racetrack

Meet Miss South Africa
by Jason Tulio | Nov 27, 2017

If, like us, you were glued to your TV this morning watching the Miss Universe pageant, then you know that the winner was Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, a.k.a. Miss South Africa. The stunning 22-year-old beat out the other beauties from across the globe (including our own Rachel Peters) to be crowned this year's queen. 

Fun fact: She almost didn't make it to the pageant. Earlier this year, she was robbed at gunpoint and nearly kidnapped by a group of criminals. Thankfully, she managed to defend herself and escaped unharmed. To prevent others from possibly suffering a worse fate, she now runs a program that teaches women self-defense. So on top of the crown, she's got the complete package of beauty, brains, and brawn to boot. 

Naturally once the contest ended, we went back to work stalked her Instagram account to gain a better appreciation for her, uhm, beauty. Mindless ogling aside, we eventually stumbled upon some photos that really piqued our interest. Take the one above, for example. Yup, that's Miss Universe standing next to a Nissan GT-R on a racetrack. Scroll to the right and you'll find a video of her riding shotgun while the twin-turbo V6 roars to life. She's clearly enjoying the experience, because hell, who wouldn't? 

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It turns out that Ms. Nel-Peters is an ambassador for the Japanese carmaker. So next to her gorgeous selfies and swimsuit photos, you'll find an array of cool shots with Nissan cars. Thankfully, we've done the stalking work for you. Scroll down to see the 2017 Miss Universe looking confidently beautiful next to some nice cars. Oh, and there's one of her on a motorycle, too. 

Congratulations, Ms. Nel-Peters! 

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