5 Tips for surviving your next motor show

Make the most of the experience
by Jason Tulio | Apr 4, 2018

The annual Manila International Motor Show (MIAS) kicks off this week. To help you make the most of the experience, we've put together a list of tips on surviving a motor show, collated from our years of attendance. 

1) Stay comfy.

If you've never been to a big car show, you might be in for a shock when your feet start to get really sore as the day progresses. Going to a motor show involves lots of standing and walking, so you're on your feet for hours on end. For reference, the World Trade Center's exhibition hall stretches 11,300 square meters. If you go to an overseas show, you're looking at venues more than five times that size. So make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes and if you're bringing a bag, pack light. 

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2) Prepare for all seasons. 

Sure, MIAS is an indoor venue, but you can easily work up a sweat doing all that walking. Parking inside the compound is next to impossible, so be ready to walk under the hot sun from parking lots across the venue. Plus, you might decide to check out some of the outdoor exhibits while you're there. An extra set of clothes plus a small umbrella, a hat, and sunglasses can help you survive the elements.  

3) Stay topped up.

Speaking of sweat, it's easy to get lost in the thrill of looking at cars. So lost that you end up dehydrated, with a packed crowd separating you from the nearest food stall. Bright lights, loud music, and dehydration are a recipe for disaster, so make sure you drink enough water while you're there. 

4) Bring enough juice for your gadgets. 

Imagine this: You're all set to take the perfect shot of your dream car, when all of a sudden your phone or battery goes flat. What are you going to do then? Stand awkwardly against the wall and charge? Yeah, good luck finding an empty plug. Don't be a girl and charge your power banks

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5) Pack an extra helping of patience.

In an ideal world, you'd have all the time and space in the world to explore all the cars on display. Sadly, that's never the case. Other people can and will barge into your space. They'll get in the way of your photos. They'll hog the interior just to take selfies. They'll show no consideration for you or your time. But hey, that's life. They paid for a ticket, so they have just as much right to be there as you do. Getting angry about rude or annoying showgoers is just going to ruin your own experience. 

Bonus tip: Respect other people's property. 

Seriously. Don't be that guy

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