MythBusters test 'Breaking Bad' finale's killer car

Can you guess how it turned out?
by Drei Laurel | Sep 7, 2015

The Mythbusters

Any Breaking Bad fans here? Do you remember the series finale where Walter White modifies his car to pack a remotely operated belt-fed M60 heavy machine gun in the trunk? Well, if you're thinking that ending sequence was a little over the top, you might want to think again. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters fame have just put Walter's killer-car myth to the test...and it actually worked!

The two Discovery Channel superstars reconstructed the contraption by mounting the weapon on a chair swivel and a conduit. An electric garage door motor and a series of wrenches acting as a hinge pivot the weapon left and right, spraying 7.62mm NATO ammunition all over a makeshift set (similar to the one in the Breaking Bad showdown between Walter and a group of white supremacists). As an added bonus, series creator Vince Gilligan was present for the demonstration. So they had the car, the gun, the bullets and Vince--it was time to take out some bad guys.

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The trio watched the experiment from behind a protective wall of bulletproof glass, and what do you know? The killer car took out every target on set! The bullets easily ripped through the wall, saving Walter's ass...well, sort of (spoiler alert: he dies in the end). The final verdict? The killer-car contraption is plausible.

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