13 Images: See if the Nissan Terra base variant is a good deal

What does P1.5 million get you?
by Dinzo Tabamo | Jun 1, 2018

When a new model is launched we're inundated with highlights of its features. In the Nissan Terra's case, we were wowed by its Intelligent Mobility System, lane departure warning, around view monitor and four-wheel drive capabilities

What's not normally highlighted with car launches is the base model—the cheapest variant in the lineup. This is a shame because while top spec features are nice, many opt for the lower variants. 

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Personally, I think a base model shouldn't feel too bare. Anyone buying a new vehicle should be spared the feeling that he or she didn't toil hard enough to afford the brand-new car smell. 

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In the Terra's case, seat time with the base variant wasn't on the schedule for the recently concluded media drive. But when we asked for extra time to do additional shoots, we were given the keys to a 2.5 EL 4x2 six-speed manual. So we took it for a quick spin. With a price tag of P1.499 million, this is the most affordable midsize SUV in Nissan's stable. 

Is it a good deal? Let's take a look:

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As you can see from the rear quarter profile, it doesn't look 'cheap' at all. 

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The top Terras may get 18-inch wheels, but the 17-inchers are still quite handsome. 

What do you think of the light-colored grille? We think black would have been better. 

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Second row legroom is supposed to be one of the best in its class. So far that claim seems believable.

In this heat, no one misses leather seats.

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It's bare but functional. 

The buttons on either side of the parking sensor button are the one-touch tumble controls for the second row. 

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The six-speed gearbox is easy to shift, although it feels a little loose. 

Even base variants get 2-DIN head units. Sound is pumped through six speakers, just like the higher variants. 

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The nifty color TFT display is omitted, but that's to be expected. 

Standard across the range is the mighty 2.5-liter turbodiesel. 

So, do you think the base Nissan Terra is a good deal? 

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PHOTO: Dinzo Tabamo
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