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So while browsing Reddit (to our bosses, if you're reading this, we promise it was purely for research purposes and not because we were goofing off), we chanced upon a thread on r/Cars titled "Underrated driving skill: Knowing your directions." 

The thread showed some interesting points from Redditors, both for and against relying on electronic navigation systems to get around. Some argued that you should always memorize directions, and chastized those who wait for a digital voice to tell them where to go. They also pointed out that some become so reliant that they swerve just to get to an exit, simply because they'd be lost if they didn't follow said voice to the letter.

Then there were others who noted that in high-congestion areas, using electronic navigation to find the fastest possible route is a lifesaver because it's hard to predict which way the traffic will flow. You can memorize all the directions you want, they argue, but deciding which one is the quickest on any given day isn't always so easy. 

So now we turn it over to you guys. What's your take on this? Do you rely solely on Waze to get around? Or do you fully trust your own navigation skills? Answer our poll below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Do you still memorize directions? 

Yes. I never rely on maps or navigations apps. 

Apps ftw. I don't move my car unless Waze tells me to.

I memorize most routes, and use Waze whenever I go somewhere unfamiliar. 

So...which way is EDSA northbound again? 

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