Quiz: Should you drive out of town for Holy Week 2019?

Answer these questions and find out
by Drei Laurel | Apr 16, 2019
PHOTO: Angela Bayona

Finally, the Holy Week holiday is just a couple of days away. Are you heading out of Metro Manila?

Of course, you are! You’ve been waiting for this for months! What could be better than four full stress-free days of rest, barkada, and spiritual reflection out of town?

“Stress-free days of rest out of town. Yeah, right,” say the glass-half-empty types—a pessimistic view on things, but they’re not exactly wrong. These days, you’re more likely to end up stuck in gridlock on the expressway rather than in Baguio City enjoying some fresh air and cold weather.

With the right mindset and planning, we think a pleasurable Holy Week road trip is still possible. But the thing is, simply kicking back and enjoying a traffic-free weekend within the confines of the capital is increasingly looking like a more tempting, and more logical, proposition.

Having trouble deciding whether or not you should drive out of Metro Manila this Holy Week? Let us be of assistance. Below is a simple seven-question quiz that might help settle this debate. Let us know your results in the comments.

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PHOTO: Angela Bayona
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