7 Simple and mess-free snacks for when you're stuck in traffic

You don't always have to go hungry
by Jason Tulio | Apr 18, 2018

Eating inside a car is a divisive topic among car owners. Personally, I'm not a fan of eating in my own ride, but there are times when it's inevitable, like when you're stuck in traffic and your stomach is grumbling louder than your engine. 

Fret not, hungry motorist, because you don't need to starve to death while waiting for the light to turn green. Here we've listed some snacks you can pack in your bag or car in case you get hungry. And because we care about your car, the items we've chosen are of the mess-free kind. 

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1) Unsalted nuts

Why unsalted, you ask? Not having salt on your snack means less residue on your steering wheel, dashboard, and so on. Oh, and it probably won't hurt your health, either. 

2) Fruits you can eat with one hand

The one-hand rule is an important one, because you still need to drive, after all. Also, fruits that are easy to eat don't involve any peeling or slicing, meaning you're less likely to make a mess. Still, be careful of any stray juices or crumbs. 

3) Energy bars

Energy bars are not only easy to eat, but their packaging makes them convenient to store in your pocket, bag, or glove compartment. They also don't leave a mess, provided you're careful with crumbs. 

4) Candy and chocolate in a wrapper

Yes, chocolate is delicious, but sticky residue on your tiller is anything but. You want to keep any kind of candy as far away from your car as possible. Make sure you keep your fingers on the wrapper. 

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5) Sliced vegetables

Bland? It depends on who you ask. But they're healthy, and you can hold them in your hand without any worries. Whether they'll fill you up or not is another matter altogether. 

6) Some burgers

Burgers are greasy, sure, but some more than others. You'll have to do some research, but you can get away with eating some fast food burgers in your car. You'll just have to live with the smell. My messy team vouches for the less grease of McDonald's burgers. 

7) Eat whatever you want and live with the consequences

Can't wait to break open your baon of leftover crispy pata with the soy dip? Craving for some Chickenjoy on the way home? Your call, man. What happens to your car's dashboard, scent, and overall state is on you. But we will say that you should pack a set of wet wipes just in case. 

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