The 7 basic levels of car-guy love

How to tell if a car nut is into you
by Christina Chua | Feb 10, 2015

7 levels of romantic involvement with a car guy

With all the mind games being played in today’s dating scene, it is more confusing than ever to figure out exactly where a relationship stands. Thankfully, if you’re dating a certified car nut, it just might be a little bit easier to answer that tricky question: "What are we na ba?"

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Level 1: He lets you ride his car. Boy meets girl. Girl meets car. Welcome to the Friend Zone.

Level 2: He talks cars with you. Has he told you about his car’s nickname? Does he share which aftermarket accessories he's installing next? You’re still solidly in the Friend Zone, but it’s a promising sign that he lets you in on these intimate little quirks.

Level 3: He opens the car door for you. Could be a sign that he likes you and he’s trying to impress you with little acts of chivalry. Or could just be a sign that he’s OC in making sure that his car's door is closed gently. Inconclusive but encouraging.

Level 4: He lets you eat inside his car. "Accidentally" drop a greasy French fry on his pristine dashboard. If he does not flinch--or at least tries to hide it--he’s definitely crushing on you.

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Level 5: He regularly drives you home to your pothole-riddled village (not to mention the speed bump on every corner). Suspension be damned, time spent HHWD is more important to him. Mahal ka na niya.

Level 6: He lets you drive his car. Casually ask to borrow his car to run an errand. If he readily hands you the keys (with no white knuckles or nervous laughter), you have yourself a keeper. Bonus pogi points if he lets you drive stick.

Level 7: He loves you more than his car. Please do not try this unless you’re ready for serious consequences, but the acid test of a car guy's love? Slam his car door hard after a big fight. If he comes back, he is yours. If he doesn’t, he never was.

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