The Inkas Hudson APC is a SWAT team's dream ride

Offense and defense
by Drei Laurel | Nov 3, 2016

By now most of you know that the Mahindra Enforcer is our national police force's vehicle of choice. Not bad, but there are definitely much safer options for our cops out there. That's not a knock on the Indian-made SUV by any means, but frankly, these are different times.

Now let's think: Budget be damned, what vehicle out there would any a cop entrust with his or her self-preservation? Outside of a tank, we think the 4WD Inkas Hudson APC—or armored personnel carrier—is a pretty safe bet.

The Hudson ticks all the right boxes both on offense and defense. The vehicle comes equipped with 360-degree gun port coverage and a roof-mounted turret hatch to go along with escape hatches, multi-layer bullet resistant glass, engine bay armoring, advanced door locks, a heavy-duty electronic winch, and an electronic night-vision system. That it comes in a nice shade of navy blue is a plus too.

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Those looking to drive into more intense law enforcement scenarios can opt to add external cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle, a siren and PA system, wire mesh glass protection, and a front-mounted plow to clear obstacles with a little oomph from the 4.5-liter V8 diesel engine (202hp and 430Nm) underneath its hood.

BR6-level armor protection keeps the Hudson's occupants safe when situations get too hot, and it can protect passengers from up to 7.62mm assault rifle rounds and even hand grenades. Yes, hand grenades.

Of course, considering the budget, this is probably a stretch. But if we do ever see these on our roads, let's hope it never gets tested to its full potential. 

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