Third batch of Trumps Cars free with August issue

Featuring 10 top SUVs for your collection
Jul 30, 2010

Listen up, guys. We’re fully aware that there has been some serious nicking of the Trump Cars going on, such that some of the copies of the magazine are missing the freebies they’re supposed to come with. Also, we’ve taken note of the complaint that the adhesive used to attach the Trump Cars pack to the magazine is ripping off the cover, which understandably irks the collectors of our publication.

To address these problems, we’ve decided to just insert the Trump Cars inside the magazine, as opposed to using double-sided tape on the cover. Those still bold enough to steal the cards are either very adventurous or very desperate. Either way, we hope the added difficulty of pilfering the cards will ultimately discourage petty thieves from depriving Top Gear buyers of enjoying the free Trump Cars.

For the third series, we’ve prepared a collection of some of the world’s best sport-utility vehicles. Yes, we know that SUVs are hardly a perfect match for the theme of the Green Issue. Then again, we realize that all that reading about fuel-efficient cars might make you miss vehicles that offer mountain-shaking torque and horsepower—or sport-utes, as we like to call them. Best of luck on landing yourself the special card for this series, featuring the BMW X6 M.

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For instructions on how to play the game, allow us to repost the rules:

We recommend five players since the complete deck includes 50 cards. Deal the cards face down to all players. Every player can only look at the top card. The dealer starts by choosing one statistic from his top card (e.g. 'horsepower' or 'TG rating') and declaring it. The others do the same, citing the same statistic. The player with the best such statistic wins the cards and chooses the next statistic.

In case of a tie, the cards are placed in the middle and the same player picks another statistic. The winner of this round takes all cards, including the ones in the middle. The winner of each round chooses the next statistic.

The player who ends up with all the cards wins the game.


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