This is how playful (and probably immature) car industry bosses are

An iMessage chat gone hilarious
by Vernon B. Sarne | Feb 12, 2014

If this is your first time on our website, let me introduce myself. I'm the editor of Top Gear Philippines. Given my job and position, I'm friends with executives in the local automotive industry. Which means I pretty much enjoy direct access to these fine ladies and gentlemen (especially the gentlemen). Which also means that, every now and then, I send them text messages that have absolutely nothing to do with work. Like:

Wasup, bro?

What's crackin'?


You out?

OMG! Vhong Navarro interview! Watch it.

Okay, I'm just joking about that last one. But you get the point: It's not always strictly work between myself and industry officers. We know how to de-stress once in a while. Last Monday evening, for instance, I was feeling a bit restless in the office, so I thought I'd text two industry bosses, both of whom are like brothers to me. The two men are high-ranking officers at two luxury/premium car brands in our market. Let's just say that a magazine editor like me can only dream of buying even the cheapest model and variant in their product lines. And yes, they're friends with each other, too.

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Here's the thing: I sent them a common message, a very simple "Bro!" That is generally code for: "How's your day?" or "How's business?" or "What's new?" or just basically "How's everything on your end?" I have an iPhone, and for this text I used iMessage. I point this out because I don't use iMessage all the time--I usually turn off my cellular data connection to save battery life.

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Now, what I didn't know was this: If you send a common message to more than one recipient, and both (or all) of them also have iMessage, your SMS becomes a group chat. Meaning, if one of them replies, the message will be visible to the other recipient(s) as well. I didn't know that. I thought I'd get their replies separately.

After sending my SMS, I turned off my cellular data again, thinking I'd get their replies as ordinary text messages anyway. I didn't know that by doing that (disconnecting my cellular data), I'd be excluded from the iMessage group chat. And to make things really interesting, one of the two executives (let's call him RED) didn't know who the other executive was (let's call him BLUE) because RED didn't have this particular number of BLUE's (although BLUE had RED's number).

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Imagine my surprise, then, when I turned on my cellular data again a little later--because I wasn't getting any reply from either one--and received the following thread...


iMessage chat between two car industry executives

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