This is possibly the 'holiest' license plate in the country

Perfect for the Holy Week
Apr 17, 2014

Holy license plate

Reader Kevin Villegas just sent us the above photo of what we're betting is the "holiest" license plate in the Philippines. The number 9--while famous in gambling as being "lucky"--is not really the number associated with God. In the Bible, the number most associated with the Almighty is 7, which is referred to in the Scriptures a total of 735 times, including the story of Creation, in which God rested on the seventh day. "Seven" denotes completion or perfection.

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The number 8, meanwhile, is linked with Jesus Christ, as it means a new beginning. Of course, in the context of Philippine motoring, "8" is tied to Congressmen and is thus the most hated of all license plates.

The number 9, for its part, is mentioned just 49 times in the Bible and supposedly also denotes completeness or finality. The owner of the car obviously inverted "666," which is the number often associated with the devil. He (or she) is probably making a public declaration that he (or she) is opposed to all things evil.

Anyway, that's just some nugget of trivia for the Holy Week.

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