This is proof that good-hearted motorists still exist

Have you witnessed scenes like this, too?
by Drei Laurel | Sep 24, 2018
PHOTO: Rey Alvin Rodriguez

What's the easiest way that motorists can deal with all the aches and pains of Philippine driving? You know: The worsening traffic, delayed construction projects, repetitive reroutings and the constant threat of kamote riders and drivers messing up your vehicle.

Give up? The answer is simple: Just get pissed off.

You see, it's easy to lose your temper behind the wheel. It's easy to roll your window down to give someone the middle finger. And it's easy to simply complain about and shame every sub-par driver/rider you encounter on the road over social media.

It's also sad to see that so many of our fellow motorists have settled for this way of life. But behind all of swearing, honking and fender benders hides an inherent good in all of us. Need proof? Then just take a look at the photo above.

The image was sent to us by reader Rey Alvin Rodriguez. "Saludo sayo ate/kuya, kung sino ka man," Rey told us, adding that the photo was taken at around 7pm near Quezon Avenue.

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"Nakita ko sila pareho nakatigil sa gitna ng dilim. Si kuyang naka motor nasiraan at inaayos and kadena ng kanyang motor. At yung puting kotse and pumukaw ng aking attention habang ang iba nagmamadali bumiyahe kasi rush hour," Rey added. "Pero yung puting kotse, kita naman sa picture, tumigil sa harap ng motor para ilawan ang ginagawa ni kuya."

This is bayanihan at its finest.

You see, in spite of all the negative emotions surrounding our daily commute, scenes like this aren't all that uncommon. You just need to know where to look, or at least how to open your eyes. Happy driving, everyone.

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PHOTO: Rey Alvin Rodriguez
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