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On an average day in Top Gear PH online country, we get roughly hundreds of comments a day, thousands of shares, and tens of thousand of reactions.

Most of the comments are readers tagging people they know about the latest news and car products. Other comments are reactionary, some are incendiary, and there’s the odd foul comment that merits a deletion.

But every now and then we come across a gem that’s either hilarious, witty or downright confusing. We’ve compiled several photos and comments over the years, and we hope you have as much fun reading them as we did.

1) That time when your readers all sang along.

2) When your mom is active on Facebook and you're just chill.

3) When we were mistaken for a car shop.

4) This guy who's smarter than all of us.

5) When the love is just too much. And girls, don't trust a guy who says, "hihihi."

6) Women represent! (This came from an article we wrote about tackling steep slopes.)

7) When you tried to Google but it was just really hard.

8) When you guys make our day.

9) When you're reminded of what taxis are like.

10) When a comment is just savage.

11) When you guys fuel our day like Petron Blaze 100.

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