This car from a popular TV show was apparently left on the street

That poor Lancer
by Jason Tulio | Sep 13, 2018
PHOTO: Roderick Tan

It's not everyday you see an apparently abandoned car in the middle of the street. It's even less frequent to see one that's charred to bits, supposedly from a TV show stunt. 

The Facebook post above from Roderick Tan shows an old Mitsubishi Lancer he spotted in front of the Manila Central Post Office. The story goes that he asked people nearby why the car was there and how long it had been sitting there for.

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Apparently, the car was blown up as part of a scene for a very popular local TV show. After filming wrapped, the car was left sitting there for nearly two days by the time Tan passed by. No one was guarding it, either, so people had started taking bits and pieces off of it as time went on. 

Now, the photos were posted on Tuesday, September 11. We don't know for sure if the Lancer is still there in front of the Post Office. Shame, really, because that car is soon to be a collector's item among local old-school enthusiasts, and we hate to see it go to waste. Have any of you come across it? 

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PHOTO: Roderick Tan
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