Here's why you shouldn't lean on your car

Unless scratches are your thing
by Jason Tulio | Feb 28, 2017

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Leaning on your car feels cool, right? It's like marking your territory; you've got your butt down, arms folded, and a smirk that tells the world 'Yeah, this is my ride.' If a pretty girl walks by, it's a chance to do your best Joey Tribbiani impression and strike up a conversation. Yep, there's no better feeling. It's just you, your car, and...scratches?

Newsflash: Leaning against your car isn't as awesome as you think. Doing so can cause serious damage to your ride. Posing with your car and taking mad selfies are great, but a hefty repair bill is definitely not cool. Watch our video to learn a few reasons why you shouldn't lean on your car. It's not just about being maarte—it's about keeping your car looking fresh and preserving its pristine look. 

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Video taken at Axis Residences.

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